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Smart Jump Rope : Using a smart jump rope is a great way to get the most out of your exercise. Any smart jump rope worth its salt will allow you to modify the handle weight and length to fit your height, while also monitoring the metrics that matter to you (such as time spent working out and the number of times you jump). In addition to displaying data on an easy-to-read LCD screen or app, your ideal smart jump rope should also be programmable. Keep an eye out for USB-rechargeable jump ropes if it appeals to you more than battery-powered ropes. A built-in fitness tracker keeps track of how many times you jump using a smart jump rope. You may monitor your jumping time and amount of jumps, as well as pick intervals, various jumping modes and other options to improve your exercise by using an LCD display on most smart ropes. However, smart jump ropes that link to an app may provide extra functions, such as the ability to publish your own data, compete with friends, or monitor your progress.

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Smart Jump Rope
Smart Jump Rope

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Review #1

Before making the Tangram Rookie model my own, I did some research online, including watching some videos on YouTube. There weren’t any, which suggests it’s a newer model.

On the original Tangram rope, which retails for close to $90 and features a fancy LED feature in the rope to display your skip count, there were a lot of reviews available. However, The weight and electronics in the rope were mentioned as potential drawbacks in some of the reviews I read for this model.

The “Rookie” model has none of that, so the rope is just as light as a standard jump rope in this case as well. You won’t even notice the electronics in the left handle.

The setup was fairly straightforward, but I had to consult the manual to get started. Right-hand handle battery storage is accessible only by opening it and grabbing the included battery, which is then transferred to left-hand handle electronics. It has a C2032 flat battery that is supposed to last for months. The fancier legacy model, on the other hand, has a USB-rechargeable battery. Due to its LED beaming capabilities, this is likely requiring a lot more battery power.

Just insert the rope into the handles once the battery has been installed. Following the manual’s instructions made this a breeze. Then it’s just a matter of a few seconds to install the app. In addition to logging your workouts, you can also use Apple Health integration to track your weight and heart rate.

The actual workout is simple to perform. While the original model had beaming capabilities, you can get by with just setting up your iPhone in front of you or checking your Apple Watch for the time and skip count. There is also a sound feature that lets you know when you’ve missed a skip. (I’m assuming this is the same for Android devices as well).

After about ten seconds of inactivity, the timer resets and also sends the data to Apple Health as a workout (or presumably the Android equivalent). As a result, in just 30 minutes, you could complete a dozen “workouts.”. In the end, the app will show you your total count, but it’s tedious from a data management perspective. Instead of using Apple Health to track “skip count,” I’ll just use the Smart Rope app’s skip count instead, since it’s not an Apple Health value. That way, I will be able to keep track of my heart rate and calories while still completing my workout in a single session. Your workout data can be turned into pretty images to post on social media and the like afterward. This will deduct from your total.

The app has a few additional features in addition to standard skip tracking. There is an interval tracker that allows you to select from a variety of intervals with rest at different skill levels. Apple Heath or Android’s equivalent interval program doesn’t have a dreadful 10-second workout end time, so it’s more enjoyable to use. Another feature is the ability to compete against friends, should you be lucky enough to have one with the rope.

You can see how you stack up against other users on a global leaderboard and a personal log with basic graphs.

For less than $40, you can add this to your home gym’s equipment, and it’s no bulkier than a standard exercise rope. It also provides some amusing data to keep you motivated. Additionally, it appears to be the ideal present for anyone who has an interest in staying fit.

Review #2

If you’re just getting started with jump rope workouts, buy one. The app will keep track of your jumps, but it needs to be connected to WiFi or mobile data at all times in order to keep track of all your jumps. You must be “online” to have an accurate record of skips.

In order to prevent the cord from becoming tangled, certain moves must be performed with extreme caution, as the cord is extremely thin (not made of wire). It is extremely difficult to do Cross Jumps because the cord is too light. For some reason, I couldn’t fit a thicker cord into the handles, as they were designed for a thinner one.

To avoid kinks and twists, I recommend hanging it rather than storing it in the bag.

Simple but effective, the app keeps you engaged after learning when to count each jump.

Get heavier cords once you’ve mastered the basic jumps and are ready to take your workouts to the next level.

Review #3

There are some things that I wish I could have done better with my review. When my rope arrived, I waited two days before I opened the package to give them a proper trial run. My first thought was that perhaps the battery was already installed, despite the fact that the instructions explicitly tell you to do so. The battery is present after a quick check of the handles. Now that I’ve read that it’s better to put the battery in the right handle after use, I’m thinking, “Well, I guess they really didn’t care about the life of my battery now did they?”. Well, I’ve installed the app, which is a good thing. For about 5 minutes, I tried rotating the handle on the phone and rope attachment, but still had no connection. In other words, I’m going to assume I got a used rope because the battery was already in the left handle rather than the storage handle on the right, which means I can’t use the rope until either I get a new battery to see if that’s the problem or until I return it for a refund. Also, if it was a faulty product and not the battery, I’m out of luck.

Review #4

Even though I really want to like this product, I can’t recommend it because of this. With the battery, I have a problem connecting to Bluetooth. Intermittent Bluetooth connectivity is an issue with the rope, and the instructions are vague as to why this might be the case — perhaps it’s because you need to rotate the right handle? My rope was connected by going to the app and connecting it, even if it sometimes does not work. Doubtful that dropping the rope will harm my performance, which I do frequently. After giving up on getting Bluetooth to work, it’s just a simple jump rope game for me now.

Review #5

The first thing to note is that, contrary to popular belief, it does come equipped with a battery. You must remove the battery from the storage pocket in one handle and place it in the handle that is meant to be used while the device is in use. Take the battery out and put it in the other handle for safekeeping when you’re done using it. This is to save battery life. A few extra jumps may be added to your total, but you know it probably had a 99 percent accuracy rate for me. I enjoy using it and find it useful.

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