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Yoga Mat Carrier : It seems that you’ve made the decision to begin practicing yoga and purchase your first yoga mat. Now that you’ve chosen your mat, you’re all pumped up and ready to begin your first session. Until you discover that your yoga mat is tedious to carry around. What you need is a perfect yoga mat carrier.

We found this great yoga mat bag on Amazon

In addition to a front cargo pocket for storing additional gear, this bag is perfect for toting your yoga mat and other essentials.
GAIAM’s Full-Zip Cargo Pocket Yoga Mat Bags will keep your mat clean, dry, and portable. Front and back pockets are accessible via a zippered closure, and the bag is equipped with an adjustable strap.

Toss your yoga, Pilates, or fitness mat inside one of our stylish cotton mat bags for a classic essential update. Your workout essentials can be kept safe and sound in the cargo pocket thanks to the adjustable shoulder strap.

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Review #1

A few weeks ago, I purchased this to store my new yoga mat. Some of the criticisms, such as the one that the bag is too small and regular mats are difficult to fit inside, baffle me (too snug). To the contrary: There is no doubt in my mind that anyone who claims their mat doesn’t fit in this BG must be using a larger-than-usual mat. I don’t know what kind of mats those people are using. I use a “HARMONY MAT” from Jade Yoga, which is a thick, standard-size mat with plenty of room. It was far from a “snug fit,” in my opinion. The side pocket is roomy, and the bag as a whole is eye-catching and colorful. The bag’s durability will have to be tested in the future, but I’m happy with it right now. EDIT: My mat is 68″x74″ and doesn’t take up much space when packed in the carry-on.

Review #2

Yoga is a practice that emphasizes cultivating mindfulness. Mindfulness can be developed through focused breathing and postures. Having the right equipment can also be beneficial. The obvious asana-based props include mats, blocks, and straps, but getting that equipment to and from the studio is also critical.

Because yoga mat slings aren’t weatherproof, I opted for the Gaiam bag to store my 5mm Aurorae Synergy mat. I’m in love with it. It’s still like new after a year of five-day-a-week use. I can sling this bag over my shoulder or torso even with a thick winter coat thanks to the 2″ wide and 36″ long adjustable strap. In order to keep the mat securely in place, you can tuck it into the bottom end and then zip it up and over the top.

Velcro-close cargo pockets are located on the bottom half of the garment below the word “Breathe” and on the opposite top side of the garment. Organize your hair accessories in style with these convenient storage compartments. While my extra thick mat is packed, it would be difficult to fit anything else – such as wallets or cellphones. The sackpack that holds my cork bricks, a towel, a water bottle, and a strap holds those items as well.

From a company that is known for its high-quality yoga gear, comes this bag.

Review #3

To store my rolled-up mats, I usually use a yoga mat sling or strap, but I’m so glad I switched to this one!

A “stretch-out strap” was able to be stowed in the larger of the two pockets on the bag because the mat isn’t exposed to the elements as it would be with a mat strap. Because I use both a yoga mat and a barre strap, this storage solution is ideal for me.

I was surprised to read that this bag was described as having a lot of space, which I didn’t find to be the case at all. It fit my standard yoga mat perfectly and I tried rolling it quite tightly and rolling it as frequently as I normally do, and it fills the entire bag. In my opinion, the standard thickness of a yoga mat is 6 millimeters. Aside from your smartphone, keys, and possibly a stretchy strap, I wouldn’t expect to fit much else in the bag’s pockets.

Overall, this was a great fit for my storage needs, and I would definitely recommend it.

Review #4

This is a well-built yoga bag with a misleading label.. Due to its “expandable cargo pocket” and a separate pocket for keys and ID, I purchased the bag. Aside from that, the pocket is completely ineffective. With no room for expansion, the bag resembles a cylindrical cylinder with a rectangle sewn to the side of it. It prevents me from using the large pocket for most of the things I’d like to put in it. When you have a yoga mat in the bag, it’s impossible to fit a small paperback in the pocket. Keys and ID can’t fit in the small pocket because it’s flush with the bag, so I just put them in the big one.

With a sturdy fabric and consistent stitching, this bag is built to last. The zipper is plastic, so if you put a larger mat in there, the zipper strains. The full zip is nice, but the zipper is plastic (clearly a weak point).

This is a good bag in general, but it’s not what I expected, and it frustrates me to constantly search for another bag that can hold my keys/ID, small hand towel, and yoga mat.

Review #5

When I was cycling, I needed a way to carry my yoga mat, so I bought this bag. I have a 6mm thick mat that fits perfectly in the bag. The zipper is sturdy, and the bag’s opening runs from the bottom to the top and ends at the back, making it easy to fit the mat inside. There are two zippers on the bag, so you can open only a small portion of the bag if you prefer.

Initially, I was concerned that the two pockets (a large one on the front and a smaller one on the back) might not hold items well because they fasten with velcro, but I have found them to be suitable for their intended use. My keys and phone fit in the front pouch, but it wouldn’t fit a block in there either. A phone could fit in the small pocket, and my gym card is certain to fit.

Using the bag’s cross-back strap, a medium-sized woman can comfortably carry it. There is some discomfort in the chest area when wearing a T-shirt, but I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test it with a coat on. The strap does twist a little, but it’s not painful.

Despite the fact that the bag is made of canvas, the color is more vibrant than depicted in the photograph. When it rains, I’ll find out if it’s color-fast! A waterproof fabric would have been ideal, but this was the best deal I could find.

A mat can be transported on a bicycle by placing a bag on your back; this hasn’t interfered with your balance at all. However, because the bag protrudes slightly on either side, you must exercise caution when passing through doors.

Review #6

I finally purchased this bag for my yoga supplies after using a tote for four years. It’s a no-brainer that this is a bargain at $20. Even if some reviewers have pointed out flaws, I’m surprised at how much one can get for this price. This bag has a full-length zipper, multiple exterior pockets, and a water bottle pocket with an elasticized top and a flap that easily holds my 16 oz. water bottle. My standard mat is more than enough room for my towel, wallet, and other necessities. I’m going to use mine for a year and see if the seams hold up! The bag’s seams are reinforced and double stitched, so it’s clear that it wasn’t thrown together. The graphic and the natural background appeal to me. I’ll wear the bag on my back when it’s warm enough for biking. For this, the strap is long enough.

Review #7

Beautiful and high-quality, this mat bag is a real treat. For the past seven months, I’ve taken my yoga mat with me on a two-hour walk/public transportation commute, and it’s still in excellent condition. I get a lot of praise for it. Although it has a slot for a yoga block, I frequently store other items in this pocket (yoga strap, wallet, snack). There are two more compact compartments as well. Earphones were placed in one of the two pockets. The material is exceptionally thick and sturdily constructed. When it’s in the bag, I don’t have to worry about it. If I want to, I can store a towel inside with my mat. The strap is extremely comfortable and allows me to carry the mat in an ergonomically correct position. Carrying the mat for four hours a day is not a problem. This mat bag is fantastic in every way. Because of its durability, I don’t have to worry about running out of it. Thrilled. To give it to a friend or family member who was looking for one, it’s good enough. You won’t be sorry if you order it.

Review #8

This bag was purchased as a replacement for my previous bag, which was too large and sluggish for my yoga mat. To begin, the pocket is not, as advertised, an expanding one. There are no gussets at all on the pocket, despite the fact that it was described on Amazon and in the packaging as having an expandable pocket. If you need to retrieve something small like your car key while carrying the mat, you’ll be lucky if you can reach the bottom of the pocket with your hand. I didn’t care about the pocket because the bag fit well, so I decided to keep it. However, the zipper broke on the third use. It’s an extremely low-cost zipper. As a result of my dissatisfaction, I can no longer return the product. This product does not have my endorsement.

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