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Yoga Mat Cleaner : When it comes to retaining germs, yoga mats are an almost perfect storm. You’re going to sweat a lot when you practise, particularly if you’re doing anything like power vinyasa or Bikram. Sweat spills onto your mat, where germs may develop and produce unpleasant smells. It’s important to wipe off your yoga mat after each session and to thoroughly clean it around once a month. Maintaining a sticky mat requires regular cleaning, which eliminates the accumulation of dirt and perspiration. We’ll walk you through the process in this post. Properly cleaning your mat on a regular basis will help you prevent the spread of bacteria and unpleasant aromas.

If you practise yoga in a studio where mats and props are shared, cleaning your mat is very vital. Even though the danger of cross-contamination is smaller, the same restrictions apply to your home practise. A clean surface does not eliminate germs, but it might be free of dirt and pollutants after a thorough cleaning.

Consider sanitising your mat as well to help destroy bacteria and prevent the spread of illness. (The EPA provides general disinfectant usage advice here.) Closed-cell mats are more water-resistant than open-cell mats, so they don’t absorb up liquid as rapidly. The open-cell architecture of thicker yoga mats implies that they may absorb more moisture and may hold on to more microorganisms. There are a variety of ways to clean mats, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

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Online Reviews of Yoga Mat Cleaner

Review #1

For the first time, I used this product to thoroughly clean my yoga mat. I can’t believe how many times I put my face on my yoga mat without cleaning it. I followed the “Deeper Cleaning” instructions on the bottle, which stated to liberally spray the surface of the mat, let it sit for two minutes, and then scrub it down with a damp, clean cloth to remove the dirt. As you can see in the picture, I used my own white towel to clean it instead of the blue cloth that comes with the purchase because it was easier to see how much dirt had been removed. Wow, I didn’t even know how filthy my yoga mat was. After each use, I’ll definitely be spritzing this on my skin.
The lavender scent on the yoga mat was also a plus because it wasn’t overbearing, which was important to me. The blue cloth that comes with it is the only thing I don’t like. The “scrubbing” part of the “deeper cleaning” required a lot of effort, even though the material felt great. Because the instructions instructed me to follow up with a clean (not damp) cloth after scrubbing with a damp one, I opted to use the blue one.

Review #2

The first thing I noticed when I used the lavender to clean my Gaiam mat was how strong the scent was. My mat, on the other hand, remained filthy despite the cleaner’s efforts. The next day, the smell of this cleaner lingers on my mat, and it’s slippery because of the residue. When I try washing and rinsing my mat with soap and water three times, it still feels slick and has the same odor. Despite the strong odor, I’ll need a new mat because it’s so slippery that I can’t practice pilates on it. After I returned the item, they issued me a refund of $10.95 in full.

Review #3

This was a purchase I made to combat the odor of my yoga mat. I had no idea how filthy my red yoga mat had gotten until I took it outside to clean it. Because I didn’t know how dirty my yoga mat was, I started with the light cleaning. I used the included towel to dry my yoga mat after spritzing it with a little water and wiping it down with the included spray bottle. The spray has a strong scent to it. Even though the scent is pleasant to my nose and lasts for quite some time, those with sensitive noses may want to opt for the unscented version. The following morning, when I went to do yoga, I found that my mat felt dirty. It had a wonderful scent, but it was gummy and covered in what felt like a film of dust. After that, I went to the next level of cleaning. My mat was filthy, and I had no idea until I cleaned it. I prefer to use the deep cleaning option rather than the dry wipe down option every time.

Review #4

As a family, we all practice yoga, so I purchased this product twice in January. My parents loved the lavender scent that I purchased for them (5 stars). As expected, the product arrived undamaged, reeked of a light scent (as other reviewers have noted), and performed admirably.

So I went out and purchased one for myself, specifically for the eucalyptus scent. The actual bottle that was delivered looked nothing like the one pictured here. And the bottle was defective. Because the spray didn’t work, I had to remove the cap and pour the liquid directly onto my cleaning cloth; this resulted in a significant waste of product because it’s difficult to gauge how much you’re using this way. I was extremely dissatisfied with this bottle, which received only one star.

Even though I’ve had a bad experience with this company, I am unsure if I will purchase anything from them again because of the inconsistent quality.

Review #5

When I opened the bottle, I was disappointed to find that it smelled more like an essential oil than a real rose. There are a few Rose essential oils that smell exactly like freshly cut Roses from the grocery or flower shop, so I wasn’t expecting that, but I was hoping it would at least be close. At least the scent isn’t overpowering, and it does a decent job of cleaning. Because it didn’t work well on tougher stains and dirt, I would only recommend it for light ones. In my experience, it works best as a cleaner, but there are reports that it also works well on other surfaces, such as bedding or clothing. My guess is that it would work best on things like your shoes or furniture, rather than your body. Compared to using a harsh cleaning product, it worked well on my Yoga Mat because the scent didn’t last long and smelled a lot better.

Review #6

Yoga mat cleaners that are free of harmful toxins, pleasant-smelling (or even unscented), inexpensive, and long-lasting have been eluded me for far too long. Finally, I’ve found one that checks all my boxes. Each one of those boxes was checked off. There are only nine ingredients in this mat cleaner, and I can recognize all of them (I use some of them on a regular basis, as well). All of the ingredients are natural and non-toxic. The sweet rose scent that I ordered has a delicate and pleasant scent. There were some stains on my mat that I honestly didn’t think would come out with other cleaners that I’ve tried. A lot of the stains came right up after I sprayed the area, let the cleaner soak in for 5 minutes, and then wiped it down with a microfiber towel. Despite the fact that my yoga mat has been in my possession for about five years, it appears to be in better condition than when I first bought it. It didn’t take much scrubbing, and the ones that remained are much lighter! I don’t like the idea of having to scrub my mat so thoroughly, and a good mat cleaning spray shouldn’t require so much effort to use. Cleaner does not leave my mat sticky or slimy and I appreciate that the scent is pleasant and that I can tell that it isn’t laden with harmful chemicals. After using the product for a few months despite having extremely sensitive skin, I haven’t experienced any side effects. If I were to have animals or children, If this cleaner was within their reach, I wouldn’t be concerned about it harming their skin or anything else it came into contact with if they accidentally sprayed it on themselves or something else. Because your skin comes into direct contact with the mat it cleans, a yoga mat cleaner should be gentle enough to use on your skin. This one gets my vote!

Review #7

When I practice yoga on a mat with a felt top, I always have this product on hand. My yoga mat has a felt/cloth-like texture and is great for soaking up sweat and liquids. I’ve been using the Asutra Mat Cleaner for a while now, and it’s fantastic. The Soothing Sweet Rose scent is my favorite because it enhances the experience of working out. It’s as if I’m doing my abs on a bed of roses while I work out. If you use the cleaner, it will remove just about any smear. When I do Yoga or ab work outs outside, dirt sometimes gets on the mat. The moment after I finish my workout. It looks like a brand new mat that hasn’t been used at all after the dirt is removed. With a Microfiber towel, dirt and sweat can be easily removed. I ended up ordering more because I’m so taken with the cleaner. You can buy a variety pack, but you can also buy a larger bottle of one scent. When I work out and teach workout classes, I use the mat on a regular basis. Having more or bigger bottles would be helpful. Otherwise, I’m looking forward to the next batch and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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