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Yoga Mat Towels : Sweating a lot during Bikram yoga, also known as hot yoga, may make your mat slippery, which can make it difficult to maintain your balance. A simple solution would be to place a towel on top of your yoga mat before you go to class. Yoga towels are manufactured to become more sticky as they get wet, allowing them to withstand even the most strenuous of workouts.

If you are not already acquainted with yoga towels, the following frequently asked questions might help:

Why do I need a yoga towel? It wicks away moisture and enhances traction, preventing you from sliding about on your mat and perhaps injuring yourself. Because it stops perspiration from getting into the mat, a yoga towel may help keep your mat from shifting as you practice. In addition, if you are going to use a mat from the studio, you should bring a yoga towel with you so that you may prevent yourself from becoming soiled.

Why can’t I use an ordinary bath towel instead? Nope. A standard towel does not promote grip in the same way as a yoga towel does when used with perspiration. Try using a yoga towel that is just intended for your hands if you are hesitant to purchase a full-size mat.

We have selected one Yoga Mat Towel from Amazon

This yoga mat towel is Microfiber sized. Fits over a standard-sized yoga mat like a glove (68-Inch x 24-Inch). In comparison to a cotton towel, this one takes only half the time to dry completely (ideal for hot yoga). If you’re looking to get the most out of your practice, this microfiber mat towel is designed to fit directly on top of your standard yoga mat, wicking away moisture and drying in half the time of a regular cotton towel.

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Review #1

After trying a variety of towels for Hot Yoga, I decided to buy this one because it seemed to be the most absorbent and comfortable. When I opened it, I was surprised to find a microfiber that reminded me of scratchy car washing towels. It was a completely different type of material than the rest. I returned it because I didn’t think it was worth my time. IUGA non-slip yoga towel or Manduka Yogitoes have been the best for me so far (extra large—is the same size as my Manduka Pro mat).

Review #2

There is no comparison between this towel and the yogitoes, so let me help you out with that. The yogitoes with the grip dots are what I normally use when doing heated yoga at Core Power five to seven times a week, but since they cost $60 each and I have to wash them after each use, I thought I’d give something else a shot. To be honest, this towel isn’t bad, but it’s impossible to compare the two in terms of quality. When it comes to purchasing something, you get what you paid for. Despite the fact that this towel is moving a little more, I still use it in my daily routine. The towel you use during yoga is just one aspect of the practice. Those who complain that it breaks down after washing should know that this is to be expected. So far, all of my yoga towels have held up well after I’ve washed and dried them on the line (including this one). Although this towel’s color is lovely, I still prefer the yogitoes because of the grip dots on it.

Review #3

As I was purchasing towels for my bikram hot yoga practice, I decided to try this one out as an inexpensive alternative. To save time and money, I set out to find lighter-weight towels because I typically only bring a beach towel to class. It arrived with both the Yogitoes and this mat at the same time.

It’s the perfect size for my yoga mat, and it doesn’t slide around at all. In addition, I didn’t have any issues with “color bleed,” a major issue with Yogi toes. Using the dryer is unnecessary because this mat dries quickly in the air.

Because of this, I would not recommend it. When I pick my feet up between postures, the thin microfiber surface adheres to them! There are times when I have to consciously move my foot away from the mat to keep it from bunching up or moving with me as I move in and out of Triangle or Chair poses. This is a deal-breaker because you don’t want to have to do anything special in yoga class to deal with mat issues. As a last resort, I intend to keep this item in my car in case I run out of other options.

Review #4

This microfiber cleaning cloth has one smooth side (the top with the Gaiam logo) and a terry looped bottom and is made of a relatively thin (compared to a normal towel) microfiber material. There is something about the shade of purple that appeals to me; it’s not too dark, but not too light either. I have no complaints about the dimensions, both in terms of width and length.

For my purposes, this yoga towel is perfect. For yoga and other exercise DVDs, I use it on top of a standard textured wall-to-wall carpet. The back terry side of the rug does not move on the floor (when done, I kind of have to peel it off of the carpet like velcro). Also, I haven’t had any issues with the top of the shoe slipping while I’ve been working out. When it’s time to store the towel, it folds up into a compact size (easier than rolling and storing a regular yoga mat). Washing and drying it with a normal load of towels has been fine so far. It’s held up well, actually. A little pricey, but it’s done a great job for me, so I’d say it’s worth the money in my opinion.

Review #5

For my regular yoga classes, I tried using this towel, but I just don’t sweat enough to justify the expense. Slipping on it, it’s just getting in the way and obstructing me. No point in wasting your time and energy on it.

It’s great for hot yoga, however. As it is winter and I haven’t had my feet pedicured in a long time, I don’t like how it feels under my feet for the first half of class. When my feet begin to slip in downward dog during a yoga class, I begin to lower the towel. Not everyone needs to take classes, even if they take them regularly. For beginners, this isn’t necessary. Because it’s the same size as a regular mat, I don’t mind washing it as often. I’ve washed it four or five times now and it’s fine, but I expect it to wear out faster than a regular bath towel. I paid less than the retail price. In my opinion, it’s worth the money to buy it for the price of four lattes.

Review #6

In hot yoga classes, this definitely helps with traction and sweat absorption! Tossing this in the washing machine is much more convenient than doing a thorough cleaning of my mat. The only drawback is that it doesn’t stick to the mat as well as I’d like it to during class. A few times a week of yoga might not be a big deal for you. In case I don’t keep going to hot yoga classes, I didn’t want to spend too much money on a towel (though I genuinely felt I needed one). This towel does the job, but I’d rather spend a little more money on a better one if I were to buy a second one.

Review #7

For hot yoga, I found this to be a good mat towel. Because I only use it occasionally, I’m unable to speak to its long-term usefulness. There is some additional lifting of my feet required to avoid bunching but this was easy to adapt to. When it comes to towels, my less flexible husband prefers our more expensive yogitoes non-slip towel because it is less cumbersome. Because it is so much better than a bath towel in every way, I recommend starting out with this one and investing in a more expensive towel if you like it.

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