Dave Rapper Alive

Dave Rapper Alive: Santan Dave, whose real name is David Orobosa Omoregie, is a rapper, musician, singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor from the United Kingdom. He is also known simply as Dave. Dave is one of the most well-known British rappers and has garnered accolades for the socially aware language and wordplay that he employs in his music.

After the release of a series of popular songs, including the grime song “Thiago Silva” with AJ Tracey, Dave published his debut extended play Six Paths in the year 2016. During the same year, Canadian rapper Drake made an appearance on a new version of Dave’s song “Wanna Know” that was released as a remix single on OVO Sound Radio. In 2017, Dave published his second extended play (EP) titled “Game Over.”

Dave Rapper Alive
Dave Rapper Alive

The Ivor Novello Award for Best Contemporary Song was given to him in 2018 for his political song “Question Time,” which was critical of the British government. In the same year, he issued “Funky Friday,” which featured Fredo, and climbed to the top of the UK Singles Chart to become his first number-one hit there. It was also his first record to be certified platinum.

Dave’s first album Psychodrama (2019) was met with significant critical praise and debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart, having the largest first-week streaming for a UK rap album. Dave’s record also received a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap Album. After that, it ended up winning both the Mercury Prize and the Brit Award for Album of the Year in 2020. The third season of the Netflix series Top Boy, which premiered in September 2019, was where he made his acting debut.

Dave released his critically acclaimed and record-breaking sophomore album, titled We’re All Alone in This Together, in July 2021. The album was a number-one hit in the UK and became Dave’s second number-one album overall. On March 3, 2022, he issued the track “Starlight,” which went on to become his most successful single overall and his first solo record to reach number one in the UK.

This last week, rumors have been rampant on the internet saying that the rapper Santan Dave, who won both the Mercury Prize and the BRIT Award, has passed away.

However, the 24-year-old man, whose true name is David Orobosa Omoregie and who hails from Streatham in South London, is very much alive. He even tweeted a picture of himself on Tuesday, proving that he is still around.

How old is Dave?

Even though Dave’s birthday is not until June 5th, earlier this week, false stories began to surface claiming the musician had been stabbed on his birthday. The rapper’s fans flocked to Twitter in despair, with one posting, “is Dave actually dead, or is this some twisted up joke?”

Dave, who was a participant in the third season of Top Boy, did his first public performance on a modest platform known as Street Starz. After that, he moved on to Black Box, which is a YouTube channel dedicated to freestyle rap.

Dave Rapper Alive
Dave Rapper Alive

The rapper is popular all over the world, and two of his songs that have been particularly popular are “Thiago Silva” (2016), which features AJ Tracey, and “Funky Friday” (2018), which features Fred.

His debut album, Psychodrama, was awarded both the Mercury Prize and Album of the Year at the Brit Awards in 2020, and it was also number one on the charts in the UK.

On Tuesday, it was claimed that officials for the artist confirmed that Dave is still alive and has not passed away. And ever since it was reported that he had passed away, Dave has been quite active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Most recently, he shared a photo of himself in front of a London bus on Instagram.

Dave wasn’t even born in July; the rapper was born on June 5th, thus his birthday isn’t even in July. At the Wireless Festival that will be held in Birmingham on July 8th, Santan Dave will be performing.

Death hoaxes are really rather common on the internet due to the fact that individuals like playing cruel jokes on one another and intentionally misleading others. Following the debunking of the rumor that Santan Dave had passed away, some fans were upset by the bogus news that followed, calling it risky, tragic, and cruel to the singer’s loyal followers.

Is Dave a real rapper?

On Tuesday (the 5th of July), stories began emerging that claimed rapper Santan Dave had passed away after being stabbed on his birthday. The incident was reportedly the cause of his death.

The question “Was David Orobosa Omoregie, also known as Santan Dave, Stabbed on His Birthday?” appears in one of the headlines. What Occurred, and Where Can I Find That Rapper Now?

Another person asks, “Santa Dave Got Stabbing At His Birthday Party—Is He Dead Or Is He Still Alive?”

Dave Rapper Alive
Dave Rapper Alive

However, these stories all come from websites that publish fake news, and Santan Dave has not died away; rather, he has been the target of yet another celebrity death hoax.

Dave was active on Instagram yesterday when he shared a photo of himself in front of a London bus. He was also active on Twitter yesterday when he tweeted a photo of himself, thus it is safe to assume that he is still very much alive.

In point of fact, Dave doesn’t even have a birthday in the month of July. Since he was born on June 5th, it is quite unlikely that he has ever been stabbed on his actual birthday.

Santan Dave has a height of around 5 feet 11 inches and a weight anywhere between 70 and 75 kg. On June 5, 1998, Santan was born in the Brixton area located within the Angell Town district of South London. Both of his parents were members of the Edo ethnic group and were originally from Nigeria.

At the age of seven, Dave relocated from the district of Brixton, which was close, to the neighborhood of Streatham, which is located in South London.

When he was 11 years old, he overheard his elder brother rapping around the house, which motivated him to begin creating songs. When he was 14 years old, for Christmas, his mother got him an electric keyboard, and he used it to teach himself how to play the piano. He has been playing ever since.

Law, philosophy, and ethics were among the subjects that Dave studied throughout his time at Richmond upon Thames College in Twickenham and St. Mark’s Academy in Mitcham.

In addition to that, he took an additional course in sound design as well as another in politics. He was given admission to study law at De Montfort University in Leicester, but he ultimately decided against attending the school because he wanted to concentrate on his career as a musician instead. Dave has an intense passion for Manchester United FC.

Dave Rapper Alive

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