Singleton Road Closures

Singleton Road Closures: Ausgrid has informed the community that they should be ready for the power supply to be cut off at a moment’s notice in the event that there are potential evacuation advisories in place.

According to a statement released by the company, “Power supply may need to be switched off since flood waters on live electrical infrastructure might pose major dangers to community safety.”

“Please follow the directions of the SES and other emergency responders and make sure that your electronic gadgets have a full charge.

Singleton Road Closures
Singleton Road Closures

“Keep in mind that there is no room for error when dealing with electricity. Floodwaters might conceal downed powerlines that are in the area.

“Proceed with caution and always presume that a fallen wire is active. Stay at least eight metres away, and notify Ausgrid at 13 13 88,” the sign reads.

This happens as a result of the New England Highway at Singleton being made inaccessible to light cars travelling in both directions.

The New South Wales State Emergency Service has informed us that it is now safe for you to return to the following area:

Although water levels have decreased, you should exercise caution when returning to the regions affected by flooding since the damage caused by the floods may be widespread and the utilities may not be operational.

Drive more slowly than normal, be sure to carefully plan your route to avoid any flooded roads, and allow for additional travel time. It is possible that flooding has still left damage on the roads and in the buildings in your region.

Maintain vigilance since there is a possibility that water remains in low-lying regions.

Take caution, since there is a possibility that water may still be on the local roadways.

If the water from the flood has damaged your property in any way:

Singleton Road Closures
Singleton Road Closures

Before you step foot on your property, double-check that it is secure. Ensure that the roof, walls, and windows are in good condition, and keep an eye out for any possible hazards, such as asbestos.

Before entering the building, check that the electricity and the gas have been switched off. Inside buildings, inspections should be done with the use of a torch.

The following access routes are available for use by individuals who need to leave Singleton for important reasons and who have a requirement to go to Maitland or the lower Hunter region.

If you really have to go, carefully adjust your driving to the circumstances, be extremely cautious, and give yourself plenty of additional time for the trip.

To get to the Hunter Expressway, take White Avenue and the New England Highway all the way through to Muswellbrook, and then take Denman to get to the Golden Highway.

Redbournberry Bridge, Gresford Road, Glendonbrook Road, via East Gresford, Vacy, and Paterson, and beyond are the routes to take to go to Maitland.

The New England Highway has been blocked along various parts as a result of rising floodwaters caused by significant rains over the Hunter area.

The section of the New England Highway between White Avenue and Pitt Street in Singleton is still off-limits to traffic. Muswellbrook is the location where all cars travelling southbound are being halted, while Whittingham is the location where all vehicles travelling northbound are being stopped.

Between the Golden Highway and Kelso Street in Singleton, the New England Highway in Whittingham is now blocked due to construction. Between New England Highway and Golden Highway, Range Road is now blocked due to construction. Between the New England Highway and Range Road, the Golden Highway is blocked due to construction.

However, between the New England Highway and Range Road, the Golden Highway has just been made accessible again.

Singleton Road Closures
Singleton Road Closures

The section of the New England Highway in Maitland that is located between the roundabouts on High Street and Church Street is still blocked. Between the New England Highway and Avery Lane, the section of Main Road/Cessnock Road that runs between Maitland and Cliftleigh is now blocked.

Elderslie Road is now blocked between Gresford Road and the New England Highway. This closure affects the area between Mitchells Flat and Branxton.

The Wallarah Creek Bridge on the Pacific Highway near Charmhaven is the location of another road closure that has been reported. Other roads in the area have also been blocked.

All lanes of the westbound direction of Heathcote Road between the Princes Highway and New Illawarra Road are now closed. This closure extends from Heathcote to Lucas Heights.

Before being used, any power points, electrical equipment, appliances, or electric hot water systems that have been submerged in floodwater or have sustained any kind of water damage in any form need to be examined by a competent electrician.

Please phone 13 77 88 and have your request for assistance recorded if you are in a situation where you require the delivery of necessary supplies owing to being isolated or assistance with cleanout.

Call the New South Wales State Emergency Service at 132 500 for assistance during times of severe weather such as flooding. In emergencies when your life might be in danger, dial Triple Zero (000) right away.

The Bureau of Meteorology reports that the Hunter River was at 13.69 metres at 7.30 in the morning and was classified as dropping at that time. It is expected that the height will be revised at 2:00 p.m.

At White Avenue, a detour is being implemented for vehicles travelling in the southbound direction; from there, they may access Obanvale via Blaxland Avenue and Bridgeman Road.

At that point, motorists have the option of using Retreat Road, Dyrring Road, or Gretford Road to connect with Queen Street in Singleton.

At the Pitt Street intersection, traffic travelling in the other direction is being rerouted so that drivers may access Queen Street and Gresford Road through John Street.

After reaching that point, they can use Dyrring Road and Retreat Road to connect with Bridgman Road in Obanvale. Visit Live Traffic NSW for more recent information. The Ausgrid websites, social media pages, and text message updates will all continue to be updated with the latest information.

Everyone who is enrolled to receive life support services is being asked to activate their Plan B.
If the water has not yet reached their homes, members of the neighbourhood should turn off their electrical outlets and unhook any electronics or appliances that are plugged into the wall.

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Singleton Road Closures

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