What Is Georgia Guidestones

What Is Georgia Guidestones: The Georgia Guidestones are a collection of stones that have been arranged to form a granite monument in Elbert County, Georgia. The Georgia Guidestones can be found off of Guidestone Road, just east of State Highway 77, approximately 90 miles east of Atlanta, 45 miles from Athens, and seven miles from the town of Elberton, which is affectionately referred to as “the Granite Capital of the World.”

What Is Georgia Guidestones
What Is Georgia Guidestones

Stones that were mined in the area each have one large slab in the centre and four smaller slabs placed around it. A capstone rests on top of the five slabs, each of which is aligned astronomically in the correct position. It measures a total of 19 feet and three inches in height (5.87m).

A further stone tablet, which was embedded in the earth a little distance to the west of the edifice, gives some further details concerning the history of the people who lived there.

The monument is sometimes referred regarded as the “American Stonehenge,” but its function is not entirely clear. A man who went by the alias Robert C. Christian at the time was the one who initiated the initiative in June of 1979.

In the name of “a tiny group of devoted Americans,” he addressed the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and said that the stones would serve as a compass, calendar, and clock and that they should be able to “withstand catastrophic disasters.”

During the process of making payment arrangements, Mr Christian stated that he was the representative of an unknown entity that had been planning the project for 20 years. He also produced a scale model with 10 pages of specifications.

On March 22, 1980, in front of a throng of around two hundred people, the finished monument was presented after it had been acquired from a local farmer who owned five acres of land. The stone tablet does not contain a time capsule as it was intended to since it was never buried beneath it; nonetheless, it does mention the sponsors as “A tiny group of Americans who want the Age of Reason.”

A hole has been bored at an angle through the centre column, and it is aligned with the North Star. The four outside upright stones are set to indicate the limits of the 18.6-year lunar declination cycle.

The monument will be made out of Pyramid Blue Granite, which was sourced from the Pyramid Quarry. This was one of the most difficult projects that ever had to be worked on in Elberton since each piece weighed around 28 tonnes, making it one of the most difficult tasks ever. The Chamber of Commerce stated that the job of etching the “message,” which consisted of more than 4,000 individual letters, was given to Charlie Clamp, a sandblaster.

What Is Georgia Guidestones
What Is Georgia Guidestones

In 2009, Wired.com published an article on the Georgia Guidestones in which it stated that the giant granite slabs serve not just as instructions for the future but also as a clock, a calendar, and a compass. The article indicated that the Georgia Guidestones were built to endure the apocalypse.

The identical inscription was carved into both sides of the four stones that made up the monument. It was inscribed in eight of the most widely spoken languages in the world, including English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, and Swahili.

“A mission statement of sorts was also to be etched on the sides of the capstone in Egyptian hieroglyphics, ancient Greek, Sanskrit, and Babylonian cuneiform, and it was to read, “let them be Guidestones to an era of reason.” According to Wired, the United Nations was responsible for providing some of the translations (including those for the extinct languages). These words were then stencilled into the stones and engraved using a sandblaster.

“Keep the human population below 500,000,000 while maintaining a harmonious relationship with nature; Practicing responsible reproduction can help improve both fitness and variety. Bring people together by creating a new language that is still alive; Reason should reign supreme over all aspects of life, including passion, faith, and tradition. Protege the people and the countries through laws that are righteous and tribunals that are fair; Let each nation handle its own internal affairs, and have international disagreements arbitrated by a world court; Avoid insignificant legislation and bureaucrats that aren’t worth your time; Strike a balance between individual liberties and communal responsibilities; Aspire to find balance with the infinite by prioritising truth, beauty, and love; Be not cancer on earth; make way for nature; make room for nature. “Be not cancer on earth.”

Another stone tablet with historical information was discovered buried in the earth a short distance to the west of the structure. This tablet was buried with the intention of protecting the information it contained.

It is not quite apparent what the purpose of the monument known as “American Stonehenge” is. A guy was employed for the project in June of 1979 under the guise of Robert C. Christian, although he really used an alias.

What Is Georgia Guidestones
What Is Georgia Guidestones

On behalf of “a tiny handful of devoted Americans,” he wrote to the Elberton Granite Finishing Company and said that the stones would be used as a compass, calendar, and clock and that they needed to be able to “withstand catastrophic occurrences.”

According to Wired, Joe Fendley of Elberton Granite suspected that Mr Christian was “a nut,” and as a result, he tried to frighten him away by issuing a commission rate that was much more expensive than any job that the firm has ever taken on.

In addition to that, he made an effort to convey to Mr Christian the information that the Guidestones would require additional resources and expertise. Mr Fendley was taken aback when Mr Christian stated that he agreed with the quotation.

Mr Christian presented a scale model that was accompanied by ten pages of specifications. He also made the claim that he spoke on behalf of an anonymous entity that had been preparing the project for 20 years while negotiating to fund.

Katie McCarthy, who does research on conspiracy theories for the Anti-Defamation League, said that “that’s given the Guidestones a sort of shroud of mystery around them,” because of the identity and intent of the individuals who commissioned them are unknown. “That’s given the Guidestones a sort of shroud of mystery around them,” “As a result of this, throughout the course of the years, a lot of speculation and conspiracy theories regarding the Guidestone’s actual purpose have been fueled.”

The panels, which stood at a height of 16 feet (5 metres), each included a 10-part statement that was written in eight different languages and offered advice on how to live in an “era of reason.” One section of the report recommended that the global population be maintained at or below 500 million, while another section recommended “guiding reproduction intelligently — boosting fitness and variety.”

In addition, it functioned as an astronomical calendar and a sundial. However, it was the panels’ discussion of eugenics, population control, and global governance that caused extreme right-wing conspiracy theorists to focus their attention on them.

What Is Georgia Guidestones
What Is Georgia Guidestones

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