Superbeets reviews

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Superbeets reviews
Superbeets reviews

SuperBeets is a beet-based nutritional supplement that contains a high concentration of nitric oxide. This medicine keeps blood pressure and circulation normal, but it is not a “quick fix” for heart health.

Briefly described: SuperBeets

SuperBeets is a nutritional supplement produced from dehydrated crystallized beets. The body produces nitric oxide from nitrates, which are abundant in beets. Nitric oxide has potential health benefits including blood vessel relaxation and cell protection. As a result, it may lower blood pressure while increasing blood flow. The goal of SuperBeets is to give nitric oxide benefits to clients without needing them to consume beets or beet juice.

HumanN, which is well-known for its nitric oxide research, invented SuperBeets with the help of recognized industry professionals. It is claimed that the special procedure used to produce SuperBeets preserves the nitrates in the beets, allowing them to generate the maximum quantity of nitric oxide possible. Nitric oxide is not accurately quantified, but HumanN claims that one teaspoon (5 grams) of SuperBeets has the same nitric oxide content as three full beets.

SuperBeets and Their Function:

SuperBeets is the world’s first and only beet root powder to incorporate cutting-edge Nitric Oxide technology, which the University of Texas Health Science Center has exclusively patented. The beetroot powder in SuperBeets, whether fermented or not, is simpler to absorb than regular beetroot powders.

  • Promotes nitric oxide production
  • It causes your blood vessels to relax and open.
  • assisting with blood stroke and heart disease
  • It also helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and encourages more heart-healthy energy.

Analyzing the Elements

SuperBeets Original is primarily made of non-GMO beetroot powder to maintain its freshness, color, and quality. Stevia, malic acid, natural cherry or apple flavoring, and magnesium ascorbate are also included. This product also contains the antioxidant vitamin C. Although it isn’t specified, I’m assuming that beetroot powder accounts for most of each 5-gram serving.

Superbeets reviews
Superbeets reviews

Although natural methods of decreasing blood pressure are favored, SuperBeets beetroot powder has been shown to offer significant health advantages.

Is it bad to eat superbeets?

When using any nutritional supplement or over-the-counter drug, there is a chance that you will experience some unwanted side effects. Cramping, bloating, gas, nausea, and stomach distress are among the beetroot supplement side effects. Be careful that using the supplement on a regular basis can cause beeturia (red urine). There’s no need to be concerned if your faeces and pee become red after eating beets; this is normal.

SuperBeets should be utilized as follows:

To produce a serving of Superbeets, combine one scoop of powder with four fluid ounces and shake or stir until the beet powder is thoroughly dissolved. As soon as it liquefies, you can begin drinking it. It’s worth noting that the flavor is slightly sour and takes some getting accustomed to. Drink it when you need an extra surge of energy in the afternoon for optimal benefits.


Superbeets should not be consumed more than two scoops each day. If you are nursing a child or trying to conceive, avoid consuming alcohol.

Price and accessibility:

HumanN’s web store and the Amazon marketplace are the best sources to acquire SuperBeets items. A 30-day supply of HumanN SuperBeets Original costs $39.99. If you sign up for recurring delivery, you can obtain the item for as little as $34.95 each month (plus tax and shipping, if applicable). You can request a refund if you order this product straight from HumanN and are dissatisfied within 90 days.

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to return the item and receive a full refund (less shipping and handling). You will be liable for the return shipping expenses if you live outside of the 48 contiguous states. When compared to similar supplements, this one appears to be decently priced. However, you could spend that money to stock up on naturally occurring nitrate-containing foods that are abundant in fibre, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

To put it another way, genuine users say:

In the morning, Super Beets provides me with energy and gets me ready for the day. In a couple of seconds, I feel a surge of energy and general well-being. If I know I’ll have a busy day, I’ll add an extra serving of Super Beets to my regular diet. I’m not sure how I survived without it, and I now tell everyone I know about it.

Hello there, H. Terry

My blood pressure was regularly in the upper 150s. It was tested today by a registered nurse, and the result was 126 over 78. I tried using this product again, but I had to abandon it. I couldn’t utilize it at the time since I had back surgery and had to go through a month of treatment. My doctor reduced the dosage I was taking by half since my blood pressure was dangerously low the first time I took it. I’ve had the product for a week and a half and have had the same amazing effects!

Robert H. John

I must say that after using this product for almost a month, I’m quite pleased with it. So far, I’ve noticed an increase in energy as well as alleviation from a painful knee ailment. Even though I haven’t had the original apple flavor, I like the black cherry flavor. For the time being, I want to continue using this product.

Renee Brennan concurs

I just enjoy the flavor. I admire the high level of excellence and the efforts made. I really enjoy the advantages… It is yet unclear whether it is safe for youngsters.

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