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Beyond body book
Beyond body book

If you want to get in shape, whether to reduce weight, build muscle, or simply feel better, a customized diet and exercise plan is your best bet. The number of products with a similar aim is growing in tandem with the trend toward eating natural foods and exercising regularly. Beyond Body, one of the most comprehensive alternatives available is a comprehensive personal wellness program available as an eBook/hardcover book and supplemented by a smart Assistant App.

What Exists Outside of the Physical World? Is this true?

In July 2020, UAB Kilo Grupé, a Lithuanian firm, launched the Beyond Body wellness brand with the tagline “A new route to wellness.” Beyond Body’s major focus is on customized weight loss solutions. Despite the fact that we couldn’t locate much information about the company, we had great interactions with CEO Lina Jaisate and Head of Nutrition Christine Ellis, and we had no issue purchasing or using their products.

Beyond Body’s meteoric rise to international recognition in recent years has been largely credited to TikTok and Instagram. The solitude of the year 2020, when many of us had more free time to focus on our health and fitness from the comfort of our homes, aided them in reaching their objectives. You probably reached this post because you were directly targeted by their adverts or because a social media influencer you follow advertised their magnificent hardcover book.

An Overview of the External World:

The Beyond Body book has an undeniably beautiful appearance. The layout and language were both incredibly simple to understand from the time I opened it. Beyond Body, a 282-page book that I was required to read, is organized into the following sections: The first chapter of This Is Your Training Manual: Essentials for a Healthy Diet is about where you, the reader, fit in the 28-Day Meal Plan and what you’ll learn along the way.

Beyond body book
Beyond body book

How to Deal with Being Stuck in the Kitchen

Beyond Body’s writers claim that it is “the first totally customized wellness book in the world” and that it may help you “achieve your healthy weight target and boost your well-being.”

Non-physical characteristics are chosen for a variety of reasons

Before Beyond Body, a company called Perfect Body’s DNA sold personalized wellness books that helped thousands of women lose weight. It was realized that people needed help with weight control and the formation of healthy routines in order to recover their self-esteem and lead better lives.

It turns out that one’s level of confidence influences how much one enjoys life’s little pleasures. Stress, poor lifestyle choices, obesity, and an unwillingness to commit to an effective diet and exercise plan are just a few of the factors that can swiftly destroy self-confidence.

Continue reading to learn more about how Beyond Bodyworks

Everyone is unique in some way. Everyone has a unique existence and set of habits, physical attributes, and ways of doing things. Alternatively, there is no quick fix for getting in shape. Weight loss programs for “the average” person appear to be the norm when I surf the web. The great majority of the time, these fail.

Few weight loss programs produce long-term behavioral changes, despite the fact that many of them produce temporary improvements. As a result, Beyond Body takes a fresh approach. Beyond Body can evaluate your body type, diet preferences, exercise history, and goals with a fast and simple evaluation before giving you the tailored support you need to reach your weight reduction goals.

Beyond Body, is about much more than just losing weight

Adhering to and maintaining a healthy lifestyle plan requires the correct mindset and enjoyment. It’s pointless to strive to live a healthy lifestyle that involves eating right and exercising if you can’t stand yourself.

Do You Plan Your Meals? :

Beyond Body, unlike standard weight loss programs, does not require a sudden change in diet, the purchase of pricey and rare supplements, or a rush to become a new you. When it comes to healthy food, Beyond Body focuses on simplification and cost-cutting.

The meal plan is adaptable because it focuses on ingredients rather than specific dishes. There will be a variety of options for each meal so that you may experiment with different pairings and find out what works best for you.

Begin your Beyond Body trip right away with a brief test:

Beyond Body is like having a dietitian and a wellness coach in one convenient package. If you haven’t had success with broad health and fitness manuals, creating a book tailored to your needs could be the answer to finally being healthy. Beyond Body’s mission is to provide you with the resources you need to repair your self-esteem and make healthy lifestyle choices, whether they are linked to the foods you consume or the workouts you do.

What is the cost of the Beyond Body Book?

Beyond Body is available for $39.99 and will be mailed to you within 24 hours of placing your order. A hard copy costs an extra $25 (usually $85.00), bringing the total to $65.00. You’ll also have to spend $15.98 per month for the “Beyond Body Assistant App,” which comes with Beyond Body.

Beyond Body is popular.


What a fantastic book and tool! I was satisfied with the Beyond Body book that I purchased. I’ve been quite satisfied with the overall quality and the material in particular. The meal plans are easy to use, and the customer service is excellent. If you’re looking for ways to improve your health, this book is for you.

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LOVE!! What I needed to get started on a long-term, healthy lifestyle. Meal planning is beneficial since it reduces the guesswork required in preparing nutritious meals for a full month.

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