Healthy roster login

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Healthy roster login
Healthy roster login

You can use your company’s login information on Healthy Roster if your healthcare provider has linked your SSO service with us. Athletic trainers can use Healthy Roster to improve the care they deliver to their athletes while also demonstrating the department’s value to the sports medicine administration.

  • Real-World Mobile Record-Keeping
  • communicating in accordance with HIPAA (through text and video)
  • Managing Mobile Forms
  • Plus Referral Control
  • Single sign-on online
  • To log onto Healthy Roster, click the “Log In with my Employer’s Credentials” link in the page’s footer.
  • Enter your email address here to gain access to the employee portal.
  • Go to to access the login page.

You can opt to “Log in with my Employer’s Credentials” in the bottom-right corner of the login screen (if the interactive chat feature window displays, click the X to remove it to show this button) After selecting “Login using My Employer’s Credentials,” you will be prompted to input your email address. There will be no confusion if you use the same email address for Healthy Roster and your job.

After entering your email address, you will be directed to your healthcare provider’s login page. Authenticate in accordance with your company’s policies (username, email address, FOB, security questions, etc.). Enter your email address and password to log in. You are most likely now viewing the Healthy Roster Dashboard.

The Advantages of Using a Healthy Roster in Business

Ease of Operation:

Let’s start with an open dialogue. It is impossible to keep track of injuries after a practice or game. Injury reports should be filed as soon as feasible. You may improve your chances of producing outstanding documentation and thus your outcomes by doing so.

Healthy roster login
Healthy roster login

Combine Live Records

We’re not talking about a website that can be seen on a phone browser; instead, please download our mobile app. Our iOS and Android apps make communication and record-keeping easier.

Communication abilities:

Second, it is critical to keep everyone updated about your team’s or business’s health and recovery. Unfortunately, the days of just handing someone your personal mobile number or bombarding them with emails are long gone. We provide you with cutting-edge solutions for communicating with your patients and their loved ones, like live chat and telehealth video, that you can totally control.

Rapidly increase participation:

You ultimately want your team, staff, and patients to perform to the best of their abilities. You have a large influence on their development and performance since you manage their training, diet, rest, and recuperation. You need people’s involvement to influence them in any way. Our surveys (also known as patient-reported outcomes, or PROs) and digital training programs are designed to promote participation (injury rehab).


After logging out or getting locked out due to inactivity, you must repeat this method to log back into Healthy Roster. Healthy Roster will save your provider login information even if you leave the website (or close the browser tab) without signing out. You will have to start over if you are automatically logged out after a certain amount of inactivity.


Note: If your smartphone has already been authorized with the Healthy Roster App, you must de-authorize it before utilizing this function. Unless you’ve never used the Healthy Roster App before, you can skip this step. If you’re logged in and using an app that requires authentication, you can deauthorize it by selecting the “More” button in the app’s lower-right corner. Next, select Deauthorize Device and then confirm your selection.

After opening the software, select “Login with my employer’s credentials” from the Login screen. Following that screen, you will be asked for your email address. You can opt to “Log in with my Employer’s Credentials” in the bottom-right corner of the login screen (if the interactive chat feature window displays, click the X to remove it to show this button) To utilize the app and be added to your Athlete List, follow the on-screen instructions and enter the login information provided by your employer.

Evaluations and rankings:

Linden, Kerri

It’s a good idea, however, it can be difficult to tell the difference between expired and changed goods. Those who make to-do lists on a regular basis may find an annual version useful. Not particularly user-friendly, but after a year of use, you know what to look for.

According to someone who frequently uses Google:

After a day of using the app, I can say that I truly appreciate the concept. So far, I think it’s a fantastic app. I’m glad my son’s injuries are documented and that I was able to discuss them with his personal trainer. However, because the typing interface only displays one line and a dozen or so lines at a time, it is extremely difficult to spell check or change in chats. Could you fix it? (Alternatively, explain how to repair it; it could be my fault or provide instructions)

A. Justin Bieber (Punisher),

This app has repeatedly caused my phone to freeze and require a restart. I’d rather use it for the team, but not at the risk of keeping my phone operational. I had a great time writing about one of my favorite web programs, “healthy roster login.”

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