Magic spoon cereal where to buy

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Magic spoon cereal where to buy
Magic spoon cereal where to buy

Magic Spoon, a new high-protein, low-carb cereal, hopes that its unique varieties, healthy claims, and keto-friendly nutritional profile would entice adults to revisit their childhood breakfast of puffed grain hoops and milk. Despite its “too good to be true” flavor, Magic Spoon cereal is touted as nutritious and comes in colorful cartoon packaging. They claim that it is healthy because each serving has 110 calories, 3 grams of net carbohydrates, and 12 grams of protein. A serving of Cheerios contains 3 g of fiber but 20 g of carbohydrates, which is more than the normal keto diet’s daily maximum of 20 g of carbohydrates.

How effective is the Magic Spoon?

My first order from Magic Spoon was so good that I immediately placed two more orders. If you don’t have any special dietary needs, it’s not worth the money. Six 7-ounce boxes cost $54 when purchased in a package, which works out to $9 per box. That is more than three times the price of the same number of Froot Loops at my local grocery store (albeit those have 12 grams of sugar per serving). If you select automatic delivery, the price of four boxes purchased together drops to around $7.30 for each box.

Each package holds approximately five medium-sized bowls (not extravagant ones). If you choose automatic deliveries, each bowl will cost approximately $1.46. I would have eaten my parents alive for that money when I was a teenager. On the Magic Spoon website, the four-box pack costs $39. Not much consolation, however, you can save 10% if you subscribe and chose to receive boxes on a monthly basis. The assortment bundle costs $43.99 on Amazon.

When breakfast cereal matures, the following happens:

As a side profession, the Trix Rabbit begins modeling for Easter photo shoots at Michaels. Sonny directs an autobiographical film based on his life, starring Jack Nicholson, that recalls his multiple successful escapes from mental institutions with nothing more than a stockpile of Cocoa Puffs. Naturally, the famed Cap’n Crunch cereal centurion, who has been there for three thousand years, is still alive and well, subsisting on the blood of abandoned unicorns found in a trash can outside the Kellogg’s facility.

Magic spoon cereal where to buy
Magic spoon cereal where to buy

I’m grateful to Magic Spoon Cereal for providing me with a full variety box to taste and review. It’s an honor to be recognized as a trustworthy taste tester by cereal connoisseurs all across the world. Eat as much calzone and buckwheat as you can right now because grains won’t be available everywhere we move.

Instagram’s most popular cereal:

Despite having previously succumbed to the siren call of Instagram adverts, I was able to resist the seduction of Magic Spoon Grain-Free (keto-friendly) Cereal. Although practically every podcast I’ve listened to in the last year has featured a Magic Spoon spon-con push, I’ve managed to avoid succumbing to the hype for the better part of a year. up till the point where I couldn’t go on.

According to Magic Spoon, the average American consumes 100 bowls of cereal every year, with the vast majority of them being loaded with sugar. “Why did we grow up, but our cereal didn’t?” the firm asks its customers.

Substitutes for sugar include:

According to the specialists Healthline spoke with, allulose is safe, but because it is so unique, nothing is known about its long-term implications. Allulose is naturally present in maple syrup, figs, and raisins, but only in trace amounts, according to registered dietitian Michelle Shapiro, MS, RD. Because allulose is not recognized by the body as an energy source, it has no effect on blood sugar levels.

The flavor of Magic Spoon Cereal:

Each of Magic Spoon cereal’s nine various flavors uses the same cereal loops. There are no snowflakes, spheres, or rainbows, only loops. The texture is between a Cheerio and a Kix spherical in terms of density. It is apparently not exactly comparable in terms of texture because it comprises “Milk Protein Blend” as its first ingredient and does not contain wheat flour or corn filler. It has the same dry texture of a piece of Cap’n Crunch that is about to go bad right out of the package. Although not ideal, adding milk improves the texture (I recommend almonds).

The research:

Sugar-free and artificially sweetened cereals, ice creams, and candies like Magic Spoon have gained popularity in recent years. Allulose, a natural sugar, is mostly to blame for this.

What Does the Magic Spoon Cereal Flavor Taste Like?

Aren’t they ideal for me? Are you sure? Because they are exceptional. These remind me of the terrible cereal that my parents forbid me from buying. “It’s like biting into a piece of cake,” he remarked. Combining cocoa and peanut butter results in a cereal that looks like a peanut butter cup. The examples above show how effective Magic Spoon is. Despite the lack of sugar, monk fruit and allulose provide a noticeable sweetness (but no icky aftertaste).

Criticism & Recommendations:

After some deliberation, MARY G.

What a treat! Those containing fruit have the typical flavor. Although both the peanut butter and sugar boxes are delicious, the latter is superior since it will not rip your lips to shreds. Personally, I think the chocolate has a burnt, bitter flavor. It’s possible I’m only daydreaming. Wow, the maple box sounds amazing!


A DELICIOUS TASTE WITH ONLY TWO INGREDIENTS! Magic Spoon has outperformed itself yet again. Salted caramel and apple cinnamon are two fantastic new flavors. I gobbled the first box of Salted Caramel in two days, and the Apple Cinnamon flavor reminds me of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios. I’m crossing my fingers that these flavors stick around.

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